Author: kaitlyn shumelda

Long Sweaters to Wear with Leggings

Leggings.  Where do we begin? Even the category of clothing that leggings fall under is hotly debated (Team Leggings are Pants vs. Team Leggings are Absolutely Not Pants).  No matter what side you root for, one thing is certain: stretchy, form-fitting leggings look perfect paired up with a long, cozy sweater. Here are some ideas of long sweaters to wear with leggings. Cowl neck The cowl neck is a unique style that’s recently made a huge comeback from its time in the ’90s.  Sort of like a tired turtleneck (but fashionable, we swear!) the loose fabric drapes in the front, creating an elegant but useful detail...

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20 Different Types of Heels: Infographics

Heeled shoes have been in fashion for hundreds of years, leaving plenty of time for the creation of different shapes and styles. The true number seems countless, but for starters, here are 20 different types of heels explained. 1. Round Toe Pumps The round toe is the most natural of all the toe shapes; it offers a bit more wiggle room for the toes, especially as our feet slightly expand throughout the day.  If you’re going to be wearing heels for a long period of time, a round toe may be the way to go. 2. Almond Toe Pumps Imagine an almond, pointy-side...

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What to Wear with a Black Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are wonderful things.  They’re comfortable, versatile, and more forgiving than skinny jeans.  Make it a black maxi skirt and you’ve got something that’s bound to pair well with most of your tops: solid, patterned, textured– black matches anything and everything.  However, it’s good to know that some looks work well with maxi skirts and some just don’t.  Here are a few ideas of what to wear with a black maxi skirt. Crop Tops The crop top and maxi skirt were meant to be together.  Maxi skirts tend to sit high at your natural waist, and crop tops...

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What Are Some of The Best Beach Dresses For Women?

Ah, the beach!  The warm sand and bright sun; the endless cool breeze and refreshing ocean mist; all the while, the sound of the waves as they build and crash on the shore… Make sure you get the most out of it by wearing something that makes you feel good — and we don’t just mean comfortable.  The new luxury brand A Mere Co. has some of the best beach dresses for women that will have you looking as good as you feel on your day at the beach.   The Flora Dress We don’t usually play favorites, but we’ve got to admit...

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What is an A-line Dress?

There are so many different kinds of dresses that it can be hard to keep them all straight. There’s the empire, the princess, the bell, the bodycon, the… tent… Of course, there are dozens more, but what do they all mean? Simply put, they describe the shape of the dress—they eloquently describe the shape of the dress. (Doesn’t empire waist sound more refined than That Dress That Kind of Starts, Like, Right Under Your Boobs?) That being said, exactly what is an A-line dress? Why “A-line”? Basically, an A-line dress is fitted until the waist, then it gradually becomes wider and wider, resembling a...

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