Author: Danielle Thio

How to Wear Over The Knee Boots

How to Wear Over The Knee Boots Over the knee boots (aka thigh boots) have traditionally been associated with more provocative dressing styles. Think pre-transformation Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.   Most people think that wearing over the knee boots are equivalent to looking overtly sexy. In this post we’ll explain how to wear over the knee boots to create looks that are smart enough to qualify as office wear as well as looks that make for subtle street wear. It’s all about choosing the right outfit to pair with your boots.   Covered Up   The best way to wear over the knee boots to work would be...

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How To Wear Mid Calf Boots

You need to know how to wear mid calf boots, they are relevant in every season from winter to fall. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of summer or snowing in winter – there are to meet the functional needs of every season. Read on to find out the best combinations between your boots and your clothing! How to Wear Mid Calf Boots with Jeans   Whether your boots are meant to be worn under your jeans or the other way around generally depends on the fitting of your jeans from below the knee. Tuck your skinny jeans into...

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Boots With Jeans – Our 4 Favorite Styles

Ankle boots, or booties, are a great smart-casual style of footwear to add to your wardrobe. A more practical, versatile relative of knee-high boots, pairing boots with jeans is fast becoming a fashion staple in many a shoe closet. The two biggest challenges to overcome in successfully pulling off a look with boots, however, are the illusions of ‘fat ankles’ and ‘short legs’. This has less to do with the body type of the wearer than the natural shape of boots. These challenges can be especially worrisome when wearing jeans or pants, but FRET NOT. Read on for our handy guide to wearing...

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Ways to Wear Infinity Scarves – Our 4 Favorites

Infinity scarves, also known as circle scarves, are something you should definitely check out as you layer up this autumn. As the name suggests, these scarves have no beginning or end. It’s an entirely closed loop which you can securely drape around your neck and shoulders, in pretty much any method or style. There are nearly as many names for infinity scarves as there are ways to wear infinity scarves – the most popular one probably being ‘snood’. Ways to Wear Infinity Scarves We describe the most popular variations here. It should go without saying that despite these being the cutest ways to wear infinity...

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What to Wear: Resort Casual Attire

What Is The Resort Casual Attire Anyway? If you’re planning a cozy getaway to a sunny resort this winter holiday, don’t forget to bring these outfit essentials for those picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy moments. Whether you’re lounging at the bar or tanning on a deck chair, we’ve got you covered with these both casual and luxury resort wear inspirations that will add great vibes to your upcoming holiday. To answer the common question of what is resort wear exactly, it is what you wear on vacation. It doesn’t need to be a fancy resort or all-inclusive hotel! Floppy Hats Floppy Wide...

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