What to Wear with Grey Jeans and When


So, you really want to flaunt a nice pair of grey jeans but there are a few things you’re unsure about: what style of jeans to wear, when to wear them, and what to wear with them. Don’t worry.  Like your standard blue and black, grey jeans come in all shades and cuts, so you can find a pair that suits you for any occasion. With that in mind, here are a couple outfit ideas that anyone can pull off and feel comfortable.

The Lighter Side of Life

If you want to rock a lighter pair of grey jeans that are a relaxed fit, slim, or skinny, do it in a casual setting. When you’re just hanging with friends or going to class, a pair of these will keep you looking good and feeling comfortable.

As for what to wear with them, you have a lot of options. The lighter, more neutral tone can go with almost anything:

  • Shoes– For the casual look, keep the dressier shoes on the shelf for now and go for some nice sneakers, but steer clear of basketball shoes. A pair of canvas shoes will work well for this outfit and most colors will mesh with the light grey; they can be black, brown, light brown, navy blue– you name it. A plain white pair is one of the trendiest combos right now.
  • Top– Again, you can be pretty flexible when it comes to what top to choose. How about a polo? A versatile piece of clothing in its own right, a polo shirt works for a casual situation but also keeps you looking sharp. With this outfit, give blue a try, but not too dark of a shade.

Clean and simple, but also fashionable. Just because you’re going casual doesn’t mean you can’t look styled!

Prim and Proper


If you want to show off a good pair of grey jeans in a more formal setting- perhaps on a business casual day- make sure they’re a medium shade or darker with a straight cut that doesn’t get baggy at the ankles. Check out this pair of straight leg, dark grey jeans as an example. They don’t need to be skinny jeans, but keep the cut close enough to the leg to keep that professional look.

  • Shoes– A nice pair of brown dress shoes is the way to go. Investing in some loafers, like these from Robert Wayne, is a smart choice. If a pair of boots is your number one footwear of choice, there are many types that are in style and go with the formal look. Check out our breakdown of the styles here if you want a good sense of what options you have and what is appropriate for you.
  • Top– Wear a form-fitting, solid colored, tailored blazer with a button down shirt to finish up your formal look. With this outfit, try a navy bluor black blazer with a light-colored button down shirt.

That wasn’t too complicated! Making grey jeans a part of your more formal and professional lineup just takes putting the right clothes around them.

So, next time you worry about what to wear with grey jeans, don’t panic– keep it simple!  Though you are probably more familiar with blue and black, grey jeans are still jeans– a versatile and fashionable article of clothing. Just be aware of the setting in which you’ll be wearing them and plan accordingly.