With the warm summer weather finally just around the corner, it’s time to break out those white jeans. This time of year, you need something in your wardrobe that pops, and white jeans do exactly that. They are perfect for a summery outfit, so the rest of your items should reflect that. If you don’t know what to wear with them don’t worry, we’re here to help!

The Jeans


what to wear with white jeans white ankle jeanswhat to wear with white jeans white boyfriend jeans                                   Ankle Jeans                                                                         Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

First things first, you need to get the right jeans to wear. If you don’t have the right pair, then your outfit is not going to work. The first thing we need to get right is the style. Because they work best in the summer, your jeans should be comfortable in the heat. A pair of ankle length skinny jeans fit the bill. With white jeans, it’s important to keep the fit slim or skinny because the color is not exactly slimming by itself.

If you want something a bit more comfortable, cropped boyfriend jeans are a smart alternative. Cropped jeans, similar to ankle jeans, are a shorter length, generally falling above the ankle  Boyfriend jeans are more relaxed as they are meant to be a little baggier and looser fit, making them more comfortable. But remember, if white jeans are too baggy and relaxed then they may become unflattering.



what to wear with white jeans chambray shirtwhat to wear with white jeans gloriana tunicwhat to wear with white jeans halter top
            Chambray Shirt                                                 Tunic                                                   Halter Top

With jeans, you have a lot of options for a top. Whatever top you wear should not only be stylish but also comfortable and cool to survive the heat and humidity of the summer. A classic chambray shirt is comfortable and fashionable. Tunics, long and flowing, are nice for summer as well. No chambray or tunic? How about a halter top? Halter tops are great for summer because they are light and sleeveless.


what to wear with white jeans platform heelswhat to wear with white jeans sandalswhat to wear with white jeans caged heels
              Platform Heels                                         Flat Sandals                                         Caged Heels

For a warm weather outfit, wear shoes that are open and breathable. A pair of open-toed platform heels is a great choice. Platform heels go well with shorter jeans and they do a good job elongating your legs. Caged heels will also work just as well. Pair these with your slim-fit jeans and you’ll have a long, lean, and stylish look.

Flat sandals also work really well, but they are for a slightly more casual setting than heels.


what to wear with white jeans orange handbagwhat to wear with white jeans wrap braceletwhat to wear with white jeans yellow lace hat
           Marc Jacobs Handbag                                   Wrap Bracelet                                      Lace Sun Hat

Now, let’s talk about color. I recommend incorporating a splash of summer colors into your outfit. Hats, tops, jewelry, etc work well with a little teal, mint, orange, light blue, pink, or yellow. But be careful, these colors can’t all be thrown in to one outfit and they should be muted, especially the more vibrant ones like orange and yellow.

There you go!  Now you’re ready to rock white denim with confidence. Happy shopping, and enjoy the weather!