Putting together a sport coat and jeans may seem a bit contradictory at first. The two are generally worn in pretty different settings. A sport coat is good for a formal gathering, a date, or a meeting at work. With jeans, you can throw them on pretty much everyday for casual, relaxed settings.

That said, it is possible for these two to live in harmony and create a smart and fashionable outfit. But be careful: this combination can fall apart easily if not done correctly.

The Jeans

straight leg dark blue jeans sport coat and jeans

          Straight-leg dark blue slim jeans

dark straight leg blue jeans sport coat and jeans

              Dark straight-leg blue jeans














The biggest key for this outfit is to choose the right shade, cut, and style of jeans to complement a sport jacket. If you go too casual, the two won’t mesh well.

  • Shade: Make sure to get a dark shade of jeans for this outfit for a more professional, proper vibe. Generally, light colored jeans are more appropriate for a casual setting. A pair of dark blue jeans is the best to pair with a sport coat, though you can also go with a pair of dark grey or charcoal.
  • Cut: For the cut of the jeans go with a slim, straight-leg pair. If your jeans are loose, baggy, or relaxed, they will look out of place when you put that sport coat on. And remember: skinny jeans and slim fit jeans are two very different things, so don’t worry if skinny jeans are not your strong suit.
  • Style: Avoid jeans that are ripped or too washed out. Stick with a simple pair of solid color jeans.

The Sport Coat

brown sport coat sport coat and jeans

                       Beige sport coat

grey sport coat sport coat and jeans

                        Grey sport coat













When you pick out your sport coat the first thing you should do is make sure it fits well. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to fit.

  • The Shoulders: The shoulder of the coat can’t have too much padding or extend too far past your own shoulder.
  • The Sleeves: The sleeves should end at your wrist, right at the base of the thumb.
  • The Length: The coat itself shouldn’t be too long– enough to cover your behind, but not much longer than that.

Now that the fit is out of the way, let’s look at style. A one or two button sport coat is ideal. As for the color, you can pair brown and grey really well with the dark blue jeans.

A couple things can go underneath the blazer. A simple button down shirt in a brighter color like a light pink or white works really well for this outfit. A nice sweater is a good substitute if you want to go a different route.

It’s Gotta be the Shoes

brown oxfords shoes sport coat and jeans

                               Oxfords dress shoes

tan chukka boots sport coat and jeans

chukka boots


Now, to finish off this outfit in style! It’s an excellent time to break out those dress shoes or dress boots. There are several different styles that you can choose from, but you can’t go wrong with classic oxfords or chukka boots. Keep them tan or brown as opposed to black with dark blue jeans; dark blue and the black don’t always go well together.

With these tips, you’ll be rocking the sport coat and jeans combination in no time!