In order to dress well and stay fashionable it is clear that you need to know what clothes to wear, what is right for the situation, and what’s in style. But, sometimes the best way to stay in trend is to know what NOT to wear, and that is often forgotten. There are some men’s fashion faux pas that you just need to steer clear of, and these are certainly on that list.


Short Sleeve Shirt and a Tie


men's fashion faux pas short sleeve shirt and tie


This combo is a favorite of Dwight Schrute’s. I think we can all agree that we shouldn’t be taking fashion advice from him (maybe on how to be an assistant to the regional manager, but not fashion). The problem with this look is that short sleeves are not professional enough to wear in a formal setting, so pairing short sleeves with a tie does not work. To many, this outfit screams “manager at a fast food chain,” so stick with long sleeves when you’re at the office.

Sandals and Socks


men's fashion faux pas socks and sandals


Ah, the classic men’s fashion faux pas. There isn’t much to say here except, have you ever seen someone pull this off well? Exactly. Leave this style to all of the goofy dads out there. The ONLY time that this has been viewed as slightly acceptable is the athletic sandals and socks combination that athletes have been seen wearing recently. I wouldn’t even recommend that look unless you’re in your sweats going to the gym.

Sneakers with a Suit


men's fashion faux pas sneakers and suit


Sneakers and formal wear don’t mix, period. Sneakers will completely undermine your attempt at looking formal and professional. If you decide to wear sneakers then why even bother with a suit? If you’re going to put in the effort, then the least you can do is put on some dress shoes. Is that so hard?

Wrinkled Clothing


men's fashion faux pas wrinkled suit


Yes, this one may seem obvious but it’s so important to iron your clothes. Any outfit, no matter how fashionable, in-style, tailored, or expensive, will not work well if your clothes are wrinkly. To look sharp and presentable, especially in formal environments, your clothes need to look crisp. So, again, iron your clothes!

If you avoid these fashion DONT’S, you’ll be well on your way towards dressing well and looking fashionable. Check out more Fashion 101 tips to get the rundown on what you SHOULD be wearing.