The Types Of Boots And What You Should Know About Them

Types of Mens Boots

Boots have made a big comeback in men’s style in recent months. So much so, that it seems there are endless options available and and infinite variety of types of men’s boots. Well – there isn’t.

Types of men’s boots can be broken down into six basic styles:

  1. Chelsea
  2. Wingtip
  3. Chukka
  4. Work
  5. Dress
  6. Trench boots

Within these, boots can have different toes, which basically range from round to pointy. Each side of the spectrum has its own personality, and you should try to pair this with the rest of your outfit. For instance, if you’re going for a “sharp” look – your pants are slim, maybe your collar is pointed, your jacket has clean and clear edges – then go with a pointed toe. If you’re going for a more flowy style, go with a round toe.


Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are comfortable, sharp, and fit for many occasions. The simple design lends the Chelsea boot to an array of styles, making it a versatile piece and a must-have in your closet.


Types of mens bootsTypes of mens boots



About as versatile as the Chelsea boot, chukkas can take you many places. Chukkas go well with jeans or chinos, making them perfect for a fun night out, but also wouldn’t look out of place at a job interview.

Types of mens boots       Types of mens boots

Trench Boots

With their roots in the military, trench boots have become a staple of street style. These boots add flair to an outfit, and can be worn just like sneakers – namely, with jeans.

Types of mens bootsTypes of mens boots

Wingtip Boots

Wingtip boots are a piece of elegance, and should be treated as such. A perfect boot to impress your boss with, or perfect for a hot date. Wingtip boots should never be brought into the casual zone.

Types of mens boots Types of mens boots

Dress Boots

Speaking of formality, this boot’s name says it all. The sleek style of the dress boot makes it the perfect item to round out a formal outfit. From job interviews to weddings, this boot is the pinnacle of “dressed to impress.”

Types of mens bootsTypes of mens boots

Work Boots

Similar to the trench boot, the work boot crept up into street style from the underpinnings of society. A statement piece to be sure, the work boot adds a little pizzazz to your style.

Types of mens boots     Types of mens boots

Heels Aren’t Just For Women

If you want to look good in your boots, you gotta learn the different types of heels, whether your ego likes it or not. To make a statement with your boots, try working in a country, cowboy, or riding heel into your outfit. You don’t have to be dressed like John Wayne to make these work. If you’re trying to keep a low profile, try a futurity, roper, or dress heel.

Genuine Vs. Faux – A Timeless Rivalry

Now, there will always be a big debate over genuine vs. synthetic leather. While we’re not trying to play referee, we just want to set the record straight on a few things. Genuine leather is always more durable than synthetic leather. Maybe someday, proponents say, technology will get to a point where this is not the case. Someday. As for price though, faux leather leaves genuine in the dirt. It’s cheaper to produce, and that means cheaper to wear! Genuine leather trumps the synthetic stuff when it comes to comfort though – we all know the feeling of a good leather fit. As for which is more environmentally friendly, well, that’s a sticky one. Suffice it to say that there are great options out there for both sides!


Now you know the different types of boots, and now you can step confidently into your perfect boot. Click here to shop our wide selection of boots today, and keep it locked here on’s Fashion 101.