Following fashion bloggers is a great way to learn how to dress, see the latest trends, and get a unique and personal take on looking good in today’s newest styles. You most likely already know about the superstars of the fashion and lifestyle blogging scene (you know- the Aimee Songs of the world,) but there are some great bloggers out there that you may have looked over. From formal business attire, to street style; from accessories, to lifestyle, these 20 blogs will have you looking great in no time!


Men’s Fashion


1. Off the Cuff


If you want to learn how to look formal and professional, check out Off the Cuff.  Put simply, it’s classic style for the modern day.




2. MenStyle1


MenStyle1 has the lowdown on street style for any situation, professional or casual.




3. Notoriously Dapper


Kelvin, the creator of Notoriously Dapper, calls it a body positive blog that encourages you to embrace your own physique.


4. DeepU Fashion

Fashion tips, the latest trends, beard styles– you name it.


5. The Male Stylist

Blogger Adam Walker keeps you up-to-date on the latest styles and grooming tips so you can look your best.


6.The Fine Young Gentleman

Blogger Justin Jeffers wants men to step up their fashion game and he’ll show you how to do it.

7. Kish Style

Kish Raveendran doesn’t just show off his fashion tips, but throws in some travel and lifestyle as well.


8. Mr. Cavaliere

Jonathon Cavaliere knows his way around business fashion.


9. Smira Fashion

Based out of Switzerland, Stephane Mirao shows off the modern street style look for men.


10. Gentlemen’s Brim

A unique blend of men’s fashion and a love of motorcycles.


Women’s Fashion

1. The Curvy Fashionista

A great source for plus size fashion tips and tricks (and a great reminder to embrace who you are!)

My Style: Taking a Whirl in Boutique+ from JCPenney

2. Work Chic

As the blog says, “Where work and fashion intersect,” and beautifully!


3. Penny Pincher Fashion 

It’s all about looking great at an affordable price.


4. Chi City Fashion

All the fashion tips and tricks with a Chi-Town twist that makes for a unique and modern style.


5. All About Fashion Stuff

 A great fashion blog for the petite women out there.


6. Blanc Mode

Another petite fashion blog. Sophia will show you how to put together the perfect outfit.


7. Shoe Smitten

You guessed it: it’s all about shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Check out Anna Bassham’s shoe-crazy blog!


8. A Walk in the Park

Carly Maddox’s style blog will keep you looking good year-round.


9. Alterations Needed

Kelly’s blog shows off her petite style with a twist of menswear inspiration.


10. That’s Chic

Rachael Nguyen’s blog has a great mix of fashion tips, outfit ideas, and lifestyle posts.