Fall is underway and winter wedding invitations are on their way as well. If you’ve received one, congratulations! You’re in for a beautiful celebration that will warm your heart during the winter months. If you’re already getting guest jitters over what to wear to a winter wedding, don’t worry. We’re here to help and inspire you with a wonderful collection of winter wedding fabrics and looks. And check out our guide on What To Wear To A Fall Wedding if you came to the wrong place!

A Tulle Order

The look of tulle is light, flowing, and classic. A tulle dress will have you gliding to a winter wedding, but you don’t have to wear a dress to the occasion if you don’t want to. Sometimes, sexy separates will have you looking your most elegant. Accentuate your silhouette in a beautiful tulle skirt and feel like a fashion fantasy come to life. Combine with a chic turtleneck sweater for a wondrous winter look.

what to wear to a winter wedding - prom tulle dress
Sequined Tulle DressWomen Dresses by H&M

what to wear to a winter wedding - tulle skirt
Tulle Midi SkirtMidi Skirts by Needle & Thread

Vision In Velvet

If you’re still unsure about what to wear to a winter wedding, then go for velvet, it’s hard to go wrong with it. This illustrious fabric never goes out of style and is perfect for the chilliest months of the year. You’re not going to wear velvet just anywhere, however. This fabric is formal and fabulous and deserves the most festive of occasions.

Few things are more bold and glamorous than a velvet dress. Whether you opt for a rich velvet short dress or a chic, embroidered mini, you will make a stunning entrance.

what to wear to a winter wedding - velvet blue dress
Navy Amelie Prom DressCocktail & Party Dresses by Ariella

what to wear to a winter wedding - red velvet dress
Jule’ cap sleeve peplum dressEvening  Dresses

Making A Statement

Some of the most elegant and exciting winter wedding options are statement dresses. While there isn’t one specific definition for a statement dress, you may think of them as beautiful fashion showpieces that speak to your personality. If you want to make a tasteful, yet jaw-dropping winter wedding entrance, you need that perfect statement-making dress that declares your arrival.

To find the perfect statement dress, consider combining the fabrics mentioned above: velvet and tulle. They make a glamorous combination, especially with embellishments. Don’t dwell too long on finding the right fabrics, however. Selecting a statement dress is all about finding that one design that feels like a reflection of you.

what to wear to a winter wedding - swarowski dress
Swarovski Crystal Tulle GownEvening & Formal Dresses by Rodarte

Warming Up

Weather conditions considered, it might be tempting to attend the wedding in a parka and snow boots. Of course, this is not the formal look you are going for and you will need to accessorize accordingly. Shawls and scarves are musts, but you might want to consider wearing thermal tights. You should leave the pantyhose at home because a winter wedding gives “cold feet” a whole new meaning!

what to wear to a winter wedding
Maximilian Fox StoleWomen Scarves by Maximilian

what to wear to a winter wedding - fur shawl
Opaque thermal tightsWomen Lingerie by Debenhams

Winter weddings are magical and may feel like something out of a frosty fantasy or snow globe. It can be difficult to pick your attire, but don’t let the experience leave you feeling cold. Enjoy the occasion, feel the love and warmth of the ceremony, and wear what makes you feel hot!

Share your tips on what to wear to a winter wedding and look fabulous in comments below!