There is a certain aura that emanates from a person that dresses care-free and happily.  If you are having problems picking outfits this spring, you can always fall back onto hippie-chic, a new relapse of an old classic style. So what did people wear in the 60s? Explore the materials, patterns, and styles that dominated the decade of hippies and flamboyance. Here are a few tips about how to effortlessly look great and inject the 1960s feel in your very 2010s outfits.

What Did People Wear In The 60s peach-slash-mint-forever21-braided-rose-crown-screenwhat did people wear in the 60s gold-slash-olive-forever21-round-metal-frame-sunglasses-screenWhat Did People Wear In The 60s rainbow-venessa-arizaga-new-mexico-necklace-screen

Braided Rose Crown                     Round Sunglasses            New Mexico Necklace

What Materials Did People Wear In The 60s?

This is probably the most important part of this style.  Wool is a very good option for people trying to replicate this fashion style.  It is an ideal combination of warm and cold, and works in any weather.  Don’t worry, true vegans can join in on the fun with linen.  This light fabric will look perfect with almost any outfit and there is nowhere you can’t wear a linen dress.
what did people wear in the 60s buttoned linen blend dresswhat did people wear in the 60s sereno dress

Buttoned Linen-Blend Dress                                                                  Sereno Dress

What Patterns Did People Wear In The 60s?

Most hippie-chic patterns stem from earthen roots.  Since the hippie culture was a reconnection with the world around you, you would choose suitable patterns.   Choose Natural and Earthy tones of Green and Brown, and accent them with wildflower colors of red and blue.
What Did People Wear In The 60s blue-slash-mustard-forever21-paisley-print-cropped-cami-screen what did people wear in the 60s magenta-slash-coral-forever21-flower-hair-pin-set-screenwhat did people wear in the 60s ivory-haute-hippie-long-dress-screen

Paisley Print Crop Top                     Flower Hair Pin Set                             Floral Maxi Dress

What Fit Did People Prefer In The 60s?

Hippie clothing is typically categorized by loose fit clothes.  Long flowing dresses and maxi skirts with busy patterns would be the obvious (and the fool-proof) choice. At the same time, tight leggings in a bright color paired with a loose top, sometimes channel the spirit of the 60s even more than traditional bell-bottoms. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional pieces, after all, 60s was all about breaking rules!