Infinity scarves, also known as circle scarves, are something you should definitely check out as you layer up this autumn.

As the name suggests, these scarves have no beginning or end. It’s an entirely closed loop which you can securely drape around your neck and shoulders, in pretty much any method or style.

There are nearly as many names for infinity scarves as there are ways to wear infinity scarves – the most popular one probably being ‘snood’.

Ways to Wear Infinity Scarves

We describe the most popular variations here. It should go without saying that despite these being the cutest ways to wear infinity scarves (in our opinion of course), there are so many other ways to wear one.

Look out for more tips out there and as usual, be sure to experiment!

Single Loop

The simplest way to wear infinity scarves is of course to let it hang off your neck in a long, single loop. This keeps your neck cool and allows the fabric of the scarf to provide contrast against the full length of your top. 

Ways To Wear an Infinity Scarf - Single

 Plush Lined Infinity Scarf


Equal / Unequal Double Loop

The next way to wear infinity scarves is to twist the scarf in the middle and loop it over your neck again. Not only do these variations keep your neck much more snug and warm, you can also tighten or loosen the two loops to create your desired visual effect.

ways to wear an infinity scarf - double loop

Collection XIIX Mixed Media Zig Zag Infinity Loop Scarf


After creating a double loop with the scarf (with the twist in front), simply pull up an edge of one loop of the scarf from behind your neck over your head – the way you would pull a hoodie up.

This style often works better with heavier, textured fabrics that are less likely to keep slipping off your hair. You can always adjust the loops or use safety pins to secure it in place though.

ways to wear an infinity scarf - hoodedways to wear an infinity scarf - hooded

Forever 21 Hooded Ribbed Infinity Scarf


First, thread one arm through the circle of the scarf such that the scarf hangs in a single loop off your shoulder. Then, imagine that you are wearing a jacket, and reach your other arm through the circle from behind your back, shrugging the scarf onto the other shoulder as well.

Ways To Wear An Infinity Scarf - Shawl

We love how Youtube beauty vlogger Naohms (check out her channel here!) styles her gorgeous Mooncats scarf in the video.

Where can I get Infinity Scarves?

Of course you should check out picVpic’s collection of infinity scarves here.

If you want to get your hands on a scarf similar to the one Naomi styled in the video above, check out Mooncats’ offical website here! They have a variety of quality cashmere infinity scarves, shawls and apparel for both men and women, so you’ll most definitely find some good buys there.

ways to wear an infinity scarfways to wear an infinity scarfways to wear an infinity scarf

shop: Gabriella Rocha Infinity Scarf               Embroidered Infinity Scarf             Chunky Ribbed Infinity Scarf

Alternatively, why not make your own infinity scarves! You get to decide the texture, color and dimensions of your scarf, and produce a unique masterpiece to call your own.

We love this simple, fun tutorial by Vanessa (look for TheCraftyGemini on Youtube)!

Check out her DIY infinity scarf tutorial below:

Reach out to us @picvpic, and let us know your favorite ways to wear infinity scarves!