When we go shopping, our eyes tend to be drawn towards the current fashion trends, colors, and patterns. We’re all about fitting in with the style that’s in season, but we don’t always make our decisions based on what goes best with our natural appearance and features. The right shades can flatter all the right features like your skin tone, hair, and eyes. Choosing colors that match your warm or cool skin tone could take you from looking dull to vibrant in an instant! Not sure whether you have a warm or cool skin tone? Read on!

Do I Have a Warm or Cool Skin Tone?


The process to finding if you have a warm or cool skin tone is actually a very simple one! Most people fall into the following two categories: warm and cool. One method to determine your skin tone is by putting gold and silver jewelry next to your skin.  If the silver piece of jewelry looks better on you, then you are a cool tone. If the gold piece of jewelry complements you better, then you are a warm tone. If both kinds of jewelry look good on you, then your tone is neutral which means you look good in almost everything, so don’t worry if you can’t figure out whether you have a warm or cool skin tone!


Here are two examples of a warm tone with gold jewelry and a cool tone with silver jewelry:

Warm or Cool Skin Tone - Warm!                           Warm or Cool Skin Tone - Cool

Check out the following to see what colors go well with a warm or cool skin tone!

Warm Tones

People with warm tones tend to have olive or golden skin undertones with hair that is various shades of brown, red, gold, or orange. Their eyes are usually dark brown, hazel, or green. Colors that look good on people with these complexions are warm and rich like red, golden yellow, beige, light brown, and green.

The pictures below should give you a few ideas of what looks good with warm tones:


Another color that can bring out their warm eyes and hair is orange or various shades of orange like peach or coral.


Cool Tones

If you have a cool complexion, you probably have fair or pale skin with lighter hair colors like blonde, light brown, or ash. The typical eye colors are light blue, gray, blue-green, or a cool brown. Colors that look good on cool toned features are blue (various shades like turquoise, navy, etc.), pink, maroon, forest green, and anything that will create a contrast with the skin tone.

Here are a few pictures of the right colors for you:

Pastels are also a good choice.

Warm or Cool Skin Tone - Taylor Swift

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These are all suggestions on what colors could complement you the best. These color tips will work to harmoniously complement your natural features and bring out the best looking you. At the end of the day, however, your skin tone doesn’t strictly determine what colors or patterns you should wear. These aren’t rules and there are no punishments: warm or cool skin tone doesn’t matter if you are feeling confident! And if you need help with your colors, check out our Fashion Color Wheel guide!

So know your question of What Skin Tone am I? has been answered! Warm or cool skin tone? Let us know your own tips @picvpic!