Shopping for outerwear is no trifle, it is supposed to reflect man’s appreciation of current seasonal trends, yet should not go out of fashion too soon. Lucky for you, this year’s major trends look back at classics, meaning it is a perfect time for buying quality statement pieces in classic cuts that will look amazing now and won’t lose a bit of their charm nor elegance in the years that follow.



 Tweed is a rough, unfinished woollen fabric, of a soft, open, flexible texture, resembling cheviot or homespun, but more closely woven. It is made in either plain or twill weave and may have a check or herringbone pattern.” Wikipedia.

Tweed outerwear makes great combinations with smart-casual and formal outfits, adds a bit of flair, and embodies elegant masculinity.

Corduroy (1)


Corduroy is the type of fabric that has parallel, lengthwise cords or ridges. The word is derived from the French word for “Cord of the King.” Originally made of cotton, the fibers of the fabric are normally twisted as they are woven.” WiseGeek

Corduroy outerwear  has a fine comforting feel, it is warm and very casual. A corduroy jacket is a perfect piece for weekends and merry family outings.



Camel hair is a type of cloth made from pure camel hair or a blend of camel hair and another fiber. The outer protective fur (guard hair) is coarse and inflexible and can be woven into haircloth. Guard hair can be made soft and plush by blending it, especially with wool. The camel’s pure undercoat is very soft, gathered when camels molt, and is frequently used for coats.” Wikipedia

Outerwear made of camel hair has been in vogue for many decades, and the trend is likely to continue.
Classic camel coats are famous for their unquestionably elegant feel and truly royal style.