As springtime is just around the corner, it is time to start shopping around for new sunglasses to fit with your crisp new spring fashions.  Here is brief list of the best new styles for 2015 and how they will make you stand out this season!


1. Cat-eye Frames

Cat-eye frames are a fool proof way to make an impression.  They are categorized by crisp round edges that narrow out the points on the outside.  These glasses are hitting the markets hard and are absolutely unique.  You are sure to draw some much deserved attention!  There is a reason they were many fashion celebrities’ go-to choice for Paris Fashion Week.

2. The Clubmaster

There are few other styles in sunglasses as timeless as the Clubmaster.  After fading in and out for a few years, these frames are roaring back into the scene.  They are recognized by their strong upper frames, round lenses, and wired bottoms.  These put a formal touch on all outfits that they grace and they are virtually universal in their compatibility with your wardrobe.  This is the look.

3. The Lenses

Not only is it important to have the perfect frame for springtime styles, it is also crucial that the lenses are up to snuff.  Lenses with different colors and reflective outsides are the best choice for people who want to stun others with their style.  A dark, reflective lens paired with the clubmaster or the cat-eye frames would guarantee that your sunglass game is on point.  These dignify your look and show the world that you know what you are doing.