Shopping for petite style can be soul-crushing. The fashion industry, complete with its high-rise size runway models with legs that go on for city blocks, makes being petite feel like a crime. And if you happen to be petite and plus-size? You almost expect sirens to sound the moment you enter the store! If shopping for petite clothing feels like torture, here are some shortcuts – no pun intended! – to finding what your way around petite style.


Don’t Fear The Petite Style Section

No, it’s not haunted. And no, it’s not the kids’ section. Many women keep their distance from this department, which seems to be forsaken by the fashion industry. But this is where good ideas begin. You don’t have to move in, nor do you have to purchase your entire wardrobe here, but it’s wise to explore and try a couple things on for size. You just might find that pair of pants or maxi skirt you’ve been looking for. We all know fashion is all about the fit. And you know how hard it is to find a pair of pants that don’t need some serious tailoring. You practically go shopping with your tailor in tow! And that LBD (little black dress) that fits more like a regular “BD”? You may finally find one that lives up to its name. The petite style department might seem lackluster at first glance, but there are always diamonds in the dirt.


petite-style-michael-kors petite-style-black-dress

Size Up When Shopping For Petite Style

Here’s one major reason why many women fear petite style clothing: ironically, sizes. Petite style is tailored to accommodate a small figure, but clothing companies often neglect the variety of petite body shapes. Petite women can still have broad shoulders, wide hips, and well, curves! This is why petite clothes tend to run small, even on petite women. As a result, you may need to size up when you shop petite. No worries whether you’re a 6P, an 8P, a 14P, or an anything-P! The petite shopping experience should be liberating because when all is said and done, you will have clothes that are well-fitted that you won’t trip over.


Maximize Your Love Of Minis

A solid mini skirt collection is essential for petite women. Minis elongate the legs and enhance the frame. And that’s not to say that petite women should try to look taller. It’s not a matter of creating a soaring illusion, it’s a matter of choosing a style that showcases your natural beauty. Petite style should illustrate your unique body type, and not simply cover it up. For women who want to show less leg, try adding some bright colored leggings, or even spice it up with some horizontal striped leggings. Either of these options will match well with a solid color mini skirt. Whether bare or covered, love your legs and put them on full display!

petite-style-asos-mini-skirt petite-style-asos-skirt

High-Waisted Bottoms Are The Tops

Some petite women are shorter in the torso. If you are looking to add inches to your upper body, look no further than the always-trendy high-waisted bottoms. We recommend wearing high-waisted shorts with a fitted, tucked-in tee. Look in the mirror and watch your torso grow! This particular look also minimizes the waistline, which helps to elongate the frame by drawing focus to the hips. Petite style at its highest! Try this look in the summertime and be the best dressed under the sun!

petite-style-high-waist petite-style-cutoffs

There’s no need to fret about being petite when there are so many great clothing lines and ways to look your best no matter your size or height. While at times, the world may seem like it’s built for women well above average height, you don’t have to settle for below average style. Petite style can stand tall on par with the runway models. When it comes to great fashion options for petite style, you don’t have to come up short.

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