12 + sizes have found their place in the fashion industry. No more curvy beautiful women should be hiding behind simple black dresses in order to look thinner.

Plus-size models take part in important fashion runways, dozens of major plus-size fashion campaigns are being launched, and hashtags like #effyourbeautystandards,  #fashiontruth,  and #everyBODYisflawless are now trending all over social media.

This can only mean that plus-size fashion is here.

And here are two essential tips for plus-size women to enhance their styles.

Never hide in  bigger sizes. There is a perfect size for everyone. Make sure you have the right one, and you will avoid looking shapeless and bigger than you really are.

In order to make the eyes go up and down, work with  different prints,  patterns, shapes, and details. Vertical stripes are a good companion for those of you who wish to get some extra length.

Trendy, low-cost, and yet high-quality items are becoming much easier to find for women sizes 12 and up. Browse through the plus-size section to find exactly what you need – it is easier than you think.