Most likely, there is no need to introduce kate spade. This fine fashion house based in New York has won its army of followers across the globe and has never failed to deliver the highest quality in the most attractive form.

Alas, the brand is expensive. A regular handbag would rip you off some $150-300, which is a large sum at first blush. But then you consider all the perks of having one: exclusivity, durability, eye-catching design, high-quality material, relative affordability as compared with other designer pieces… After all, it doesn’t seem that bad of an investment!

Although kate spade is primarily famous for its handbags line, there is a lot more to discover:

After conquering a good half of the earth’s population, kate spade turned to men. That’s how jack spade came into existence.

“Jack Spade grew out of the simple idea that useful products could also be stylish. With the belief that good design solves a problem with straightforward solutions, the brand uses timeless and durable materials, delivering unexpected happiness to its customers. Jack Spade understands that taste and style say more about someone than fashion or trends. As a brand it stands for smart designs and ideas to help men live a layered life,”

Kate Spade & Company