Just from the name joggers, I know many of you are thinking lazy Sundays on the couch. I don’t blame you if style isn’t exactly the first thing that pops into your mind, but you’d be surprised.

Joggers are one of this year’s (and probably years to come) Men’s Fashion Trends. You should know how to wear joggers. Ever since the explosive rise in popularity of the Adidas Tiro slim fit soccer pants and harem pants a couple years back, sweatpants and joggers have been making waves in the fashion community.

Joggers can add a touch of youth to your outfit and offer a comfortable break from denim and suit pant. However, some general rules and guidelines should be followed. Generally, all the pieces you wear must consider joggers as the centerpiece of the outfit. Not only do you need to know how to wear joggers, you need to know what to wear with joggers!

How (and what) To Wear Joggers

All About The Shoes

The most unique feature of joggers are the elastic cuffs that make your choice of footwear vital. The tight cuffs and general youthful vibe of joggers means that lace-less shoes should be avoided to prevent presenting a juvenile image, which is one of the most important considerations when considering how to wear joggers (the exception being lace-less boots).

Sneakers such as the Adidas Stan Smith or even laced Vans and Converse can complement these pants well, but personally I prefer pairing jogger-styled pants with a pair of not-too-formal boots.

One of the things to keep in mind when considering how to wear joggers is how the cuffs settle over your shoes. Always make sure the length of your joggers fit nicely as to avoid a messy scrunched-up look because unlike denim, you do not want to be rolling or folding the cuffs.

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Up Top

Joggers can be found in almost any material (tweed, wool, chino) so there are countless possibilities when it comes to what you want to wear up top.

T-shirts offer a clean casual look while a button-down shirt will give you a sharper look. Chances are you will be choosing a more casual button-down (we generally don’t recommend wearing your work shirts) so make sure the length is appropriate, or tuck it in so it looks cleaner.

If the pair of joggers you chose has drawstrings for the elastic waist, it’s best to stick with a t-shirt or sweater.

Knowing how to wear joggers is the same as knowing how to complement them with your entire outfit.


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Where To Start

It seems joggers are popping up in every store as brands are getting behind this trend so it may be hard to decide where to look.

Luckily, we will provide you with some of our favorite brands in terms of quality, overall fit, and aesthetics so follow the links below and check them out.

Remember, just because its a casual look doesn’t mean you don’t need to consider how to wear joggers or what to wear joggers with. There’s a big difference between casual and sloppy, so remember our guide and get shopping. And know that there are even different styles, with mens drop crotch joggers being some of the most popular and recognizable. There are always ways to get your own look out there.

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