Not everyone is a morning person and some days making something happen with your hair after you escape the gravitational pull of your bed is just too much. For some people hats are their saviors, and for some, it’s the headscarf, an accessory that grants an easy way to look stylish without much effort. To figure out just how to wear a scarf on your head, look through our headscarf guide for inspiration and tips on how to style up your hair on a lazy day.

How to Wear a Scarf on Your Head


For an easy and simple look that can complement everyday outfits, fold then wrap a scarf around your hairline. Finish by tying a bow in the front. This works well if you want to just put your hair up in a bun and not worry about it. Try to keep the pattern or design simple to maintain a classy and mature look. Anything too outlandish can look a little childish, this is why we created this guide about how to wear a scarf on your head, it is easy to go wrong despite its sometimes simple look!

How To Wear a Scarf on your head - Bow

how to wear a scarf on your head - bow
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Knotted Wrap

If you choose to wear your hair in a low bun or low ponytail, wrap a scarf around and under your bun/ponytail and tie it at your crown. Any extra length can be tucked into the band, giving the wrap some texture. This can also add volume to the top of your hair. Wearing a headscarf can have plenty of positive side effects!how to wear a scarf on your head - knotted wrap (2)

Bohemian Wrap

This works best with thin and long scarves. Wrap it around your hair, tie around where your ear meets your jawbone, and let the rest of the scarf drape and fall. One of the most chic answers of how to wear a scarf on your head.


How To Wear a Scarf on Your Head - Boho



For those who are feeling absolutely too lazy to handle their hair, the headscarf turban is as easy as towel wrapping your hair after a shower. There are many ways to tie this and it depends on the thickness and length of your hair. So look for a method that works for you and make sure you scarf has enough length.


How to Wear a Scarf on Your Head - Turban

Mirella Bint

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Twist Back Turban

For a more retro and vintage look, follow the turban tie instructions and upon completion, roll or twist back the front. This is the Rosie the Riveter answer to how to wear a scarf on your head.

How to Wear a Scarf on Your Head - Rosie



Headscarf styles are more fitting for spring and summer weather. With Winter fast approaching, it may not be the most practical option; however, the covered and tied look can still work as long as the temperature isn’t bone-chilling.

Drape your headscarf over your hair and have the pointed end of the scarf in the back. Bring the ends in the back around to the front and tie them around the neck. This protects both your head and your neck from the cold and adds a vintage Audrey Hepburn look.

How To Wear a Scarf on Your Head - Audrey

There you have it, the 6 best ways to wear a headscarf. Whether  you want to look like Audrey or Rosie, we have the answer for you. Have any other tips on how to wear a scarf on your head? Reach out to us @picvpic and let us know!