Fall is now in full swing and as the mercury in your thermostat keeps dropping, it’s time to use one of the most versatile items in any woman’s wardrobe: the pashmina scarf. So how do you wear a pashmina scarf? Well first, they come in various lengths, giving users several ways to wear it. This is what makes pashmina scarves such a great accessory. Not only are they essential items during the winter, depending on what color, pattern, or fold you choose to wear, they add a personal touch to your outfit and can become a part of your signature look. And you might be asking, what is pashmina? Well in short, it’s one of the finest types of cashmere. So, let’s get started with how to wear a pashmina scarf! (if you are looking for a more general guide, check out our post on Cute Ways To Wear a Scarf)!

how to wear a pashmina - monochrome

How to Wear a Pashmina Scarf


Knotted Scarf

This style is fairly simple yet has a bold fashion statement. Shorter and thinner scarves are best for the knotted look as anything too long or thick could start to look a little bulky and cumbersome. You want a light textured aesthetic and since this style doesn’t aim to cover up your entire neck like most scarves, it’s best to wear it with a V-neck or a top that shows your collarbone. While this is one of the most simple ways of how to wear a pashmina scarf, keep in mind the knotted approach doesn’t provide as much warmth so it’s best suited for temperatures that are a little forgiving.


how to wear a pashmina - teal-1-betsey-johnson-cashmere-slash-silk-real-pashmina-screen
Cashmere/Silk Real PashminaWomen Scarves by Betsey Johnson

Double Down

The polar opposite of the knotted style would be the double pashmina. It’s exactly as it sounds, two pashmina scarves worn as one. Intertwine or weave two scarves together and just wrap or knot around your clavicle. The use of two scarves gives you more combinations and individuality, and the extensive coverage keeps you very warm. If you are here to learn how to wear a pashmina scarf…why not wear two, because isn’t more always better?

how to wear a pashmina - double down

how to wear a pashmina blue-slash-indigo-stripe-mpatmos-triple-stripe-pashmina-screen
Triple Stripe PashminaWomen Scarves by M.Patmos


French Twist

This is a classic way to tie your scarf and it looks very elegant. Fold the scarf in half and drape around your shoulders. Choose one of the ends and pull over and under the loop. Now take the other end and pull under then over the loop again. This look is particularly effective when using a printed scarf, though a plain solid scarf can be just as elegant.

how to wear a pashmina - french twist

how to wear a pashmina -rick-owens-pashmina-scarf-screen
pashmina scarfWomen Scarves by Rick Owens


Like the knotted style, braiding your scarf makes it pop and stand out. Start by tying half knots at each end of the scarf then drape it over your shoulders. Grab the right end, cross to the left, and pull under and over the loop. Now do the same to the left end, but this time pull up and over. Repeat this process until there is no more space on the ends to braid.

how to wear a pashmina - braided

how to wear a pashmina - pink scarf
fringed scarfWomen Scarves by World Of Wonder

Rolled Loop and Double Rolled Loop

The rolled loop and double rolled loop are simple styles that are easy to tie and look graceful without being over the top. Simply wrap your pashmina scarf around your neck once and pull each end up and over the neck loop. To tie the double loop, just wrap the scarf first twice around your neck, pull just one end over and down the neck loop and finish by tying the ends. This might look like one of the hardest ways to wear a pashmina scarf, but it is deceptively simple, give it a try!

how to wear a pashmina - rolled

Scarf Belt

The scarf belt is a chic fashion statement that deviates from the traditional purpose of a scarf. It might come as a bit of a surprise to see a belt in a ‘how to wear a pashmina scarf’ article? Okay, maybe “deviates” is an understatement. It completely disregards what the practical function of a scarf but it can look marvelous and accent your outfit. Using a longer and printed or textured scarf, tie it as a belt around your waist. You can make it tight, or have it fit loosely depending on your look. Fashion is always about innovation and creativity, so we highly recommend trying out this look. Why store your scarf in your bag when you step out of the cold and into a toasty café?

how to wear a pashmina - as a belt

Find The Style For You

The wonderful thing about scarves is that there are countless ways to wear it. Different styles give off different attitudes and serve different functions. So pick up a couple pashminas in different lengths and textures and experiment. Find what works for you and fits your personal statement. Hopefully, by now you know how to wear a pashmina scarf in multiple ways!