The blanket scarf is the solution to those who wake up in the morning and wish that they could just stay in bed all day. It is literally a bundle of cozy softness and can look extremely stylish. Unlike regular scarves however, if worn improperly or nonchalantly, you could end up looking goofy and disorganized. You want to come off as someone who knows how to wear a blanket scarf (check out our blanket scarves on picVpic), and not like someone who woke up and took their blanket with them. So let’s answer the question, how to wear a blanket scarf?

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How To Wear A Blanket Scarf – The Basics

One of the simplest answers on how to wear a blanket scarf is to tie it around your neck like you would with a smaller scarf. Put the scarf behind your neck while keeping one end longer. Then loop the long side around your neck and finish by pulling the long side through the loop. This look can go with many outfits but we suggest you to keep the rest of your clothing sleek and trim fitting. Blanket scarves are loose so you don’t want to have too much clothing draping off of your body.

If you have a smaller stature or just feel like your blanket scarf is just too big, you could always make it smaller by folding it corner to corner diagonally once. Repeat the steps above and you’ll have the similar look with less coverage, creating a more fitted look with can be often hard to find with an over-sized scarf.

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To look dressed up, throw on some jewelry or sunglasses and match them by color and style. Your new, glammed up look is ready. You might have already known, but let us tell you again. Often, knowing how to wear a blanket scarf comes down to knowing how to complement a blanket scarf.

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf - Sunglasses                 How to Wear a Blanket Scarf - Paul Smith
cuteandlittle                                                                                        Paul Smith Felted Block Blanket Scarf


Caped and Chic

This is a look that is increasing in popularity. Wear your blanket scarf like a cape and then drape the rest over a shoulder. With most of your upper body covered up, put away your jeans or trousers, and wear something that shows off your legs. Wear this with a nice short pair of heeled boots and a brimmed hat to look classy and stylish. This answer on how to wear a blanket scarf requires a certain flair however, be warned.

Similar to the cape style, you could also just tie the over-sized scarf over one shoulder. This creates a poncho-like appearance and gives off an easygoing attitude that adds a western motif to your modern outfit.

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf - Hat                     How to Wear a Blanket Scarf - River
popbee                                                                                                        River Island Stripe Blanket Scarf


Draped and Belted

If the loose flowing blanket scarf aesthetic isn’t for you but you still want to try out a blanket scarf, you can wear it draped and tie a belt around above your waist. With a coat on, it almost looks like you’re just wearing a sweater. If you are looking for our favorite way of how to wear a blanket scarf, this draped & belted look is our personal crush.

How to Wear a Blanket Scarf - Draped                 how-to-wear-a-blanket-scarf-asos
tovogueorbust                                                                             ASOS Extra Oversized Blanket Scarf


Be Creative

The wonderful thing about over-sized scarves of all kinds, but especially blanket scarves, is they are versatile and have a great deal of adaptability. Try out different styles and you’ll learn which one you’re most comfortable with and which provides the most warmth. Regardless of which style you prefer, don’t miss out on the life-changing comfort that blanket scarves can add to your wardrobe.

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