Fall has arrived and it’s time to bring out the beanies, but first you need to know how to wear a beanie! They’re some of the most stylish all-season hats around and will keep you looking hipster chic and ultra cool while keeping your head warm. Beanies are one of the simplest ways to transition into fall fashion, but did you know that there are numerous answers to the question of how to wear a beanie? Yes, it’s true! So for the answer of how to wear a beanie, read on! But first, use our shortlist feature to vote on which beanie is your favorite (we couldn’t decide)!

Slouchy Beanies – No Slouch

No all beanies are created alike. Some are slouchy, some simply aren’t made for slouching. So, how do you choose how to wear a beanie (slouchy) and which one to buy? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to. Once you own one beanie, you’re probably going to want another. They’re kind of like a certain toy craze we recall from several years back! Unlike this certain toy, beanies aren’t going anywhere. They’re definitely going places and going right along with you, but how do you know how to wear a beanie, and more importantly which one?

You need your not-so-slouchy beanies when it’s that type of freezing that you can feel right down to your earlobes. The cold is surrounding your skull and it just won’t quit. You want to look trendy, cute, and chic, but you can barely think about any of that until your entire head is coated in warmth! Yes, this is when you can get out your less-than-slouchy beanies. This style will always cover your head–bangs and all, and won’t budge until you want it to. And if it is really that cold, maybe you don’t need to know how to wear a beanie – just put a big one on and cover up!

Knit HatWomen’s Beanies by Missoni                                         Bear Face BeanieWomen Hats by Forever 21


Slouching It

When the days are cool, but the nights are mighty chilly, it’s time to get out the slouchy beanies. These are the types of beanies that you can wear higher on your head because they’re longer and more versatile than beanies with less slouch. There are slouchy beanie hats for women (and men) in abundance. But oversized slouchy beanies are hard to figure out, so you definitely need to know how to wear a beanie to rock one!

When you want to look hipster chic and boho fab, place the beanie on the back of your head, revealing your forehead, bangs and/or hairline. The trick is to place the beanie high enough to create the slouch effect and low enough so that it doesn’t fly off. Once your beanie is situated properly, you can be a beanie babe all day long!

When the temperature drops and you need some added warmth, pull the beanie down to your earlobes or well past them. You can also do this when you’d prefer to block out the noise or give someone the message that they’ve said the wrong thing. This is how to wear a beanie – getting the fit just right while making it look effortless and natural. Womens beanie hats are some of the popular out there, especially oversized slouchy beanies, so get shopping.

Gypsy Warrior BeanieWomens Beanies                                                          HatWomen Hats by Warm-Me

Let Your Hair Down


If you’ve flipped through one too many winter catalogs or hung out with far too many bohemian babes, you may think that you can only pull off the beanie look if you have long, flowing locks. This simply isn’t true. Yes, a beanie looks great with long, beautiful hair, but a short, shiny hair style looks just as lovely. Almost everyone can benefit from learning how to wear a beanie! Beanies are also integral to street style fashion, so check our guide to Urban Street Fashion!

And it’s worth mentioning crocheting as a way of beanie collecting! We loved what we learned and saw from AllAboutAmi. Crocheting is one of the most fun and involving trends in beanie fashion, so when considering how to wear a beanie, keep it in mind!

You can even pull your hair up into a ponytail or braid and still look beanie chic. Beanies also look stunning with your hair pulled up completely and a chic pair of bangle earrings. There are no rules when it comes to rocking this look. It’s all about comfort and what makes you feel your most fall fabulous. So now you know how to wear a beanie, check out our collection of Neff, slouchy, and more at https://picvpic.com/products?category=women-accessories-hats&style=beanie!

And if you have any more tips on how to wear a beanie, let us know @picvpic!

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