Springtime is officially here.  It’s time to break out the pastels and bright colors to mimic the budding of flowers all around.  Now springtime isn’t just about the colors; this season is all about the fit.  A recent polarization in the fashion world has placed more attention on oversized men’s clothing.  It is now considered fashion forward to wear your clothes a little baggy and relaxed.  As with every style in vogue, there are certain clothes that will highlight this style better.  Here is a small list of clothing styles to get you back up to speed for springtime.

1. Denim

There is an unwritten rule in fashion that you can never go wrong with denim.  It is always on the forefront of every casual fashion trend and speaks volumes on its own.  Relaxed fit jeans are the way to show everyone that you are with the trend.  Don’t go overboard though, too baggy will look sloppy and unkempt.  Find the perfect balance of comfort and fit to make yourself look great.
2. Jackets

Although your heavy jackets are already making their way to your attic, light jackets are on the rise.  Track jackets or windbreakers that are just 1 size too big make a statement 4 sizes too big.  These will make you look great and keep you dry.

3. Casual shirts

Oversized clothing is great and should be respected as a major fashion statement, but steer clear of formal attire.  This fad has not yet made its way to the blazers, formal shirts, and dress slacks.  It will, however, go great with some great t-shirts.  Relax the fit on your casual shirt a little bit by buying a size too big or air-drying them.  This will make a huge difference in your look and your comfort.  Go for it, go big!