Today, Saint Patrick is urging you to do some holiday shopping – as long as you buy green! March 17th is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and prepare for the spring/summer season. As the trees start dressing in brighter colors, so should you.  St. Patrick’s day is a good reason to indulge yourself in purchasing something irresistibly pretty!

Green is one of those colors that doesn’t irritate eyes, no matter how much of it is around. Think of forests and jungles,  they are the quintessence of tranquility and beauty. According to the color therapy studies, green has a wonderful effect of setting one’s mind at rest.

“Green is in the middle of the visible colour spectrum and is neither magnetic nor electric (cooling colours). It has a very neutral effect and is definitely the choice you want to make to bring balance into your life,” Fione Stolze.

Even if you are not much interested in Irish traditions, consider livening up your wardrobe with these green clothes, shoes and accessories. A pop of contrast never hurts!


Manebi Espadrilles                                                                           Lauren sandals

The Glow Brand acid green pumps                                                Casadei olive green heels

H&M suede skirt                                                                                Rodo purse

Lanvin dress                                                                                      Forever 21 dress

Diana von Furstenberg lace dress                                                  H&M bodycon dress

Dsquared dress                                                                                   Forever 21 suede dress