It’s a safe bet that not every item in your wardrobe is the same color. You like variety, you want colorful styles. From hats to shoes, there are all different types of colors and designs that allow your look to stay fresh. The problem is finding the combinations that work the best. This is where our fashion color wheel comes in.

Everybody loves variety, but how can you sift through a myriad of colorful items in your closet to make an outfit that you’re comfortable wearing? Thankfully, this is not a new fashion issue. Much of the fashion industry has been devoted to looking at trends, both past and present, and surveying thousands of items and styles to see which color combinations top the list, and which ones wash away. Triad colors, analogous colors, complementary colors…there is much to learn. So let our fashion color wheel be your guide to your clothing color matching!

Fashion Color Wheel – Our Handy Guide


Analogous Colors

Pick a color! Go ahead, take your time and think which of all the colors you like most. Now, take a look at the image below.

Fashion Color Wheel - Triad Colors?

Now, you might think that the best matches for a color are the ones that go next to it. So, a yellow matches up with a green and orange, purple matches up with a blue and red. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you’re correct in your thinking (but it takes more than simple understanding to master the fashion color wheel).

Fashion Color Wheel - Analogous Colors              Fashion Color Wheel - Analogous Colors


Colors right next to each other on the color wheel are called analogous colors. They’re closely related hues. In other words, a violet jacket usually looks nice over a darker blue shirt. A red top might also compliment a set of orange shorts rather nicely.

Searching for more similar fashion color wheel combinations will allow you to find what region of the color wheel might look best on you. If you’re too worried about the colors you choose clashing too much to be an enjoyable look, this strategy can help you vary your style without going overboard.


Complementary Colors

Perhaps you’re not a fan of the similar colors – you don’t need to become one. Looking for complementary colors is another method to build your daily styles around.

Fashion Color Wheel - Complementary          Fashion Color Wheel - Complementary

In this case, the best matches for a particular color are the ones that appear on the opposite side of the color wheel! This is mainly because of the visual contrast. If your outfit takes two different colors, you want the difference between the two of them to stand out. After all, you’ve gone through the trouble to pick a color combination you like. It would be nice if people noticed your efforts, wouldn’t you say? If you follow our fashion color wheel, compliments will abound!

Fashion Color Wheel - Models Complementary

The idea is that colors like purple, red and orange are placed next to each other on the fashion color wheel because they are similar hues. Now, that doesn’t mean people won’t see the difference between a red shirt and an orange pair of shorts. What it does mean is that they will notice the difference between a red shirt and a green pair of shorts more than the previous option. Green is the opposite of red, and it will stand out more to make an outfit brighter.

Not convinced? Take a look at some sample items and compare them to the earlier ones.


Triad Colors

These are the colors that are equally spaced out from each other on the color wheel. If you drew through them, you would get an equilateral triangle. Again, in their most saturated form, you might have a hard time combining them. But if you pick any two of these, it would be easier,”

Wink n Pout.

Fashion Color Wheel - Triad Colors

If you’re looking for a safe yet fresh looking color scheme, then choosing analogous colors might suit you best. But if you like going wild with your choice and taking chances to find the best ones, you can have a lot of fun finding your look with utilizing triad colors.


It comes as no surprise that shades of the same color go well together. Keep the outfit colors in the same family and play it safe.

Fashion Color Wheel - Shades         Fashion Color Wheel - Clothing Color Matching


The best way to get started is to look for which items you want to wear the most. Take the colors they are available in, and get started mixing and matching to find your ultimate color-combo.

There you have it, the most comprehensive guide to the fashion color wheel! Reach out to us @picvpic and let us know, triad, analogous, or complementary?