It’s been a long and hot summer, but the SS15 season is almost over! Fall is right around the corner and that means new trends are almost upon us. The main focus is usually on clothing at the annual Fall Fashion Weeks; however shoes are a critical part of the runway experience as well. There have been a lot of new shoe trends for the fall season this year, but old trends are also resurfacing. The trends range from quirky hairy/furry shoes all the way to classic pumps. Not all of them are daily wearable styles, but there are still a lot of styles you can rock for this fall.

Keep reading to see what’s new this Fall season and strut into autumn with style!


1) Thigh High Boots, Higher than Ever


Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Shoe Trends: Thigh-High Boots

This season, these boots are going to be very popular. Because of the fitted & dramatic look these shoes give off, they’re known for giving off a certain sex appeal. Whether they’re just over-the-knee boots or actual thigh high boots, the fitted look of these boots gives it a dramatic appearance. The higher it is, the more attention it brings. Also, the tight fit of these shoes on the calves and thighs really show off the shape of your legs.

They come in a range of materials like leather, latex, suede, and many more. These boots are so high that they’re perfect for the cooler weather that autumn brings. They’ll keep your legs warm and fashionable.

Check out the following products for inspiration of thigh high boots that you can get this season!

2) Bringing Back the Mary Jane


Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Shoe Trends: Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane shoes used to be super popular back in the day with their straps in the front and slightly chunky heels in the back. It was the epitome of an old school schoolgirl style.

This fall, they’re back in season with some new changes. They’ve been given a more modern look that includes a skinnier heel and some come with two straps in the front instead of one. Mary Janes usually don’t have super high heels which means your feet won’t suffer terribly as you walk about.

They’re perfect for fall and they’ll look great especially in darker, warm colors. Pair them with a skirt and a sweater for a warm, classy autumn look.


3) Ankle Booties in Velvet, Leather, Latex, and More


Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Shoe Trends: Ankle Booties

Ankle booties have been big the past several years. Many women like them and they haven’t disappeared from the fashion world just yet. The heels are tall enough to look classy while the cutoff at the ankle (or a little above) makes sure to keep your legs warm from calf down. Since the shoe stops at the ankle, it’s also low enough for you to show off your legs.

Ankle booties come in many styles like velvet, leather, latex, and more. One of the most currently trending materials for this fall is velvet. Velvet gives off a feeling of mature beauty and sophistication simultaneously.


4) Color-blocked Sandals/Heels


Shoes Colorblock

Another fall trend is shoes that have color block patterns or are two-toned. They usually consist of two to three solid colors with some geometric pattern. The colors create a contrast with each other and will make your footwear pop out. Even darker and more subdued colors that are common of the fall will stand out because of the contrast.

Check out the shoes below for some inspiration.


5) All Laced Up


Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Shoe Trends: Lace-Up Boots

During the SS15 season, gladiator sandals and lace up shoes were already dominating the scene. This year, they’ve even infiltrated the fall season too. They’ve evolved from the lace up sandals that they were in the summer to lace up boots and heels. Most of these shoes come in more neutral colors like black, gray, or brown. There are definitely brighter and bolder colors, but for the fall, neutral colors are the way to go.

Since they’re such a statement piece, pairing them with simple outfits will draw all the attention to these unique shoes.

Take a look at the following pictures for different types of lace up shoes that you can try.