Coming from a humble beginning as work boots, Timberlands have long transcended their birth and become timeless pieces of fashion. Not often does a piece show up in collections, on runaways, and on the streets yet Timberlands, especially black Timbs, have achieved this time and time again. This goes to show just how entrenched and diverse Timberlands are.

black timbs with a skirt

With monochrome and dark color like burgundy trending this fall, instead of going for the original tan or beige, choose the versatile black Timbs. To address some of the questions that might be out there, we have a women and men’s guide on how to wear Black Timbs, and what to wear them with.

Black Timbs Women black timbs with a crop top


Black Timbs – General Tips

kanye-west-in-black-timbs kanye west wearing black timbs with fur coat


Timberlands differ from most of the other mid to high-laced boots in that you never want to tie it up tightly. Wearing them loose allows them to look more natural and just better in every way. This doesn’t mean that we want you to be out there tripping over yourself or clunking around with your black Timbs half on. To ensure these things don’t happen, here are some tips on how to make your Timbs fit loosely.

When purchasing your boots, go half a size to a full size down from what you normally wear. Timberlands are built pretty spacious so sizing down within a reasonable won’t make them uncomfortable and will help the loose fit style work better.

After you get your boots, undo the factory set lacing and skip every other eyelet. Lacing up this way will make sure that the boots aren’t too tight and choking.



black timbs worn with skinny jeans

Girls have it much easier when it comes to when to wear your black Timbs. While you can wear them fashionably all year round, hot weather for guys usually means shorts, and shorts with Timberland boots is just not going to work. Girls however, can wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts, and still looking absolutely phenomenal.


Black Timbs for Women


This simple look demonstrates how easy it is to make an outfit work with a pair of black Timbs. This black approach works flawlessly for the fall season and it’s just leggings, hoodie, and a jacket. As long as it’s tight fitting like skinny jeans and leggings, any pants will work. I recommend sticking to darker colors because they match better with the black boots. Light or faded tones are better suited for the classic tan versions.

Black Timbs Street

Here we have a look that is a bit more dressed up. Short to medium length dresses can help make the Timbs look smarter, but you want whatever you’re wearing on top (jacket, shirt, etc.) to have some sort of volume that way the sleekness of your dress won’t have such a stark contrast with the bulky black Timbs.

black-timbs-heeledTimberland SWAZEY Lace Up Boots


Shorts and Timberlands are a great combination on girls and is perfect for the warmer seasons. Pair it with a tee, flannel shirt, or any relaxed top you want really to get a hip and young look.



Black Timbs Rise45

When it comes to men’s fashion, Timberlands remain predominantly in the realm of street wear and street influenced styles. In addition, for men, there aren’t too many options when it comes to matching pant styles. Tapered, slim fit, and skinny jeans, chinos, joggers, etc. are a must. Any looser than tapered will not work  and will look sloppy. You can wear your pants rumpled a bit above your black Timbs, or tuck them into your boots. Once again, with black, darker pants work the best.

Black Timbs picVpic

Timberland Ankle Boots

While it does take some preparation and planning to pull off, it is possible to wear black Timbs with more formal attire. While a full on business or workplace suit is out of the question, tapered trousers and a shirt and tie can work. Take the picture above for example (minus the brown boots). A pair of black Timbs would fit into that outfit perfectly without undermining the smart and sharp image of the rest of the ensemble. When going for this look, the only thing to watch out for is how your pants meet your boots. Don’t let it gather too much at the cuff like you might for jeans, instead, makes sure the length of your pants work with the boots, or tuck it in.

black timbs in an all-black outfit

To me personally, Timberland boots are a must-have in any man or woman’s wardrobe. Beyond the fashion aspects of the piece, Timberlands are built with such great quality and they’re so practical (think of snow, rain, mud) that investing in a pair will take you a long ways. With the majority of people wearing the classic tan/beige colors, this is your chance to stand out from the crowd and go with the sleek, stylish, black Timberlands. 

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