In women’s fashion, a very important aspect of style is a body type. We all know everyone is unique. With that said, I was once as skeptical as you might be now: why should anyone be labeled by body types (the main four by the way are the banana body shape, apple shape, hourglass, and pear)? Everyone is beautiful, no one more than the other. However, these labels, unlike many in society, are actually designed to help people out. See, depending on your body type, certain items fit better and accentuate styles more accurately. So read on to find how to dress for your body type – banana body shape!

Sure, any item can fit on any body type if you find the right size, but more often than not there are certain types of dresses or accessories that bring out certain features of the banana body shape, a best dress for the body type.

Banana Body Shape - Model

Without further ado, let’s check out one of the shapes. In this edition, the Banana Body Shape (if you got here by accident and instead have an hourglass body type, check out our How To Dress an Hourglass Figure guide!).

Banana Body Shape

The typical banana body shape: You have the figure most women idolize: somewhat thinner, tall, and overall regularly sized. If your waist and shoulders are about the same width, with the rest of your torso following suit, you have the banana body shape. There are three main styles that are tailored to bringing out the look of the banana (or column) body shape, and all three of them are anchored by a very important class of dress/items.

Fit and Flare Dresses

This is the highlight item for dressing the banana body shape. You want a dress that is at its thinnest midway through the abdomen. Any type of dress that cuts inward around the waist or a little higher on the abdomen will do. The pictures below should give you some ideas. This is one of the best dresses for the banana body type.

Banana body shape

Banana body shape

You’ve probably seen dresses like these before. They’re more popularly referred to as Fit & Flare Dresses. The idea with these is that they have their closest fit to the body on the waist, and they widen out as you lower towards the hem. This gives the impression of a somewhat wider shape throughout. As always, designs help here too. If the dress or skirt has a print or design to it, it helps draw focus and highlight the style rather than the overall purpose of the dress.

Banana body shape

Banana body shape

 A-Line Skirts

So let’s say you’ve got this really nice top, right? You would want nothing more than to make it work with all of your styles. There is an option in the form of the A-Line skirt. The A-Line skirt is almost like the lower portion of an Fit & Flare dress, as if it were cut in half. But it allows you to diversify between top and skirt: different designs, colors, even materials if you like that. Another must for the banana body shape.

Banana body shape          Banana body shape

Banana body shape

Wrapping Things Up

Before we close this article, there is one last style choice that is very noteworthy for those who have the banana body shape.  If you’ve got a top you like, and leggings are a better choice for you than skirts, the belt can help you out. Here is why. The shape of the A-Line items brings the waist to the thinnest level and allows the lower portions of the dress to appear wider. A belt, being on your waist actually does the inverse and adds and accent to the waist. And that is not a bad thing. Remember, the whole point here is to diversify the overall shape or width of the outfit.

An opposite, however, can be found in what’s commonly called a “wrap dress” that accentuates the waistline by making it appear thinner. Of course, the effect is not as strong as with A-line dresses or skirts with the hem not being as wide, but a certain degree of variation in the shape of the dress is still present, and that’s the most important aspect for the Banana Body Shape: introducing variation.

Banana body shape

Banana body shape

Of course, no style is mandatory. At the end of the day, our mantra will always be “If you like it, wear it.” This is just a style guide for those looking to accent their style a little bit more. But if you have specific items that you like more, than wear them without hesitation. Fashion starts with the individual.

Any other tips for the banana body shape? Give us a shout @picvpic!