The bright sun shining outside your window is a solid evidence that the season has changed.  The warm season is here, and you have a very good reason to renew your wardrobe and get your hands on the new fresh, stylish outfits. No questions asked about summer and its versatility when it comes to creating tasteful, oustanding looks.

Summer 2015 promises to legitimatize all the bold prints and styles you were too shy to sport last year. Pieces like floral shirts came back after a long period of negligence and hiding in the bottom of your wardrobe; shorts became available in every possible print; and short-suits are more popular than ever.

For those of you who want to make a fashion statement this summer – here are 3 fashion-forward products along with stylish tips:

Printed Shorts:

TIP 1: The classic stripes and polka dots are best in muted and neutral palettes. Blatant colors on heavily patterned fabrics look too cocky.

TIP 2. A lack of contrast can be easily compensated with a pop of color in your accessories and/or shoes.


Red moccasins are a good hit.

Tip 3: Look for shorter shorts, preferably hitting above your knees. The fashion world likes it short!

Floral Shirts

TIP 1: Floral shirts will give you the perfect balance between a classic summer look and contemporary style. Who said wearing florals is not manly? Let me prove them wrong:

TIP 2: Mix it in with a neutral bottom in solid color to keep the look classy. (Learn more about the art of color mixing here.)


The Bold Short-Suit:

TIP 1: Choose the right occasion to rock your short-suits: Holidays, summer Sundays, and certain weddings. Be aware that they won’t work for most offices and formal events.

TIP 2: Combine it with a simple tee, a solid dressing shirt, and finish the ensemble with a pair of driving shoes.


TIP 3: To tuck or not to tuck? Depending on the occasion, you might want to either look more dressed up with your shirt tucked into shorts, or rather casual by having the shirt untucked.

Men’s fashion is just as much fun as women’s fashion, really. This summer season is here to prove it.