A great way to select fashion

add-to-shortlist-2 picVpic Shortlists are a great way to select a fashion product and make up your mind when choosing a fashion item gets tough. To find out what you want, you can start a vote on all your items in a shortlist and compare them side by side. We count the votes for you and you can easily find your favorite. Still uncertain? Shortlists can be shared with friends to get their input.

How to use the picVpic shortlist feature

Adding items to you shortlist is easy: Just drag them to the right side of your browser window when using picVpic. To delete a fashion item from the list, just drag it out of the shortlist and it is gone.

When you are done selecting items, click the “Compare” or “Ask Friends” button at the end your shortlist.

Simplify your selection process with the shortlist

The "Start Vote" button initiates side by side voting on a shortlist picVpic shortlists can be sorted by dragging the items in the desired order After you clicked compare you find yourself in the shortlist view. Here you can sort your previously selected fashion items by simply dragging them around to represent the order of your liking.

If you are uncertain about the order, start a vote to rank all the items using side by side voting, which is a great way to make up you mind about what your really want.

Side by side voting: if you had to choose between these two items, which one would you choose?

Side by side voting lets you compare two fashion items next to each other. This narrows your decision down to the question: “If I had to choose between these two items, which one would I choose?”

The process will guide you through as many of these side by side votes as necessary to establish a ranking between all the fashion items on your shortlist.

The result is an ordered shortlist with the clear recommendation to buy the item number one.

Ordered shortlist after vote process

Include friends in you decision process

shortlist-need-suggestions Sometimes it’s good to get a 2nd opinion before buying. Choose “need suggestions” to share the shortlist with your friends and ask them to vote. You can publish a post on Facebook or Pinterest, tweet on Twitter or share a link by email or on your blog. For bloggers we also offer to embed a call to vote on your weblog, by providing some suitable HTML code.

When your friends react to your call to vote, they will be presented the same side by side voting process and can easily establish their preference on all items on your fashion shortlist. In the end they will see a sorted shortlist just like you.

Now all they need to do is to save the vote, so it will show up in your shortlist view as “Friends suggestion.”¬†If they do not save, they still had the fun of voting but no feedback is generated. In order for you to get notified and have access to their ranking, they need to save the vote.

With all the fresh feedback from you friends, you should have everything to make an educated decision what to buy and be safe from any unpleasant surprises.

Save your shortlist vote to make it visible to your friend:. If you don't the suggestion will be lost.