Little black dress: the classic

The little black dress is the foundation of any woman’s wardrobe. Suitable for practically any occasion, the little black dress never goes out of fashion. There are many differently designed little black dresses. How do you find your perfect one? Which kind of little black dress is the most suitable for you? Does the long sleeved little black dress look good on you? Or is the halter little black dress most suitable for you? Here is the guide for you to find the perfect little black dress that fits your body type.

long sleeved little black dresses

Your Body Type: Pear Shape


What You Can Choose:

If you are pear shaped, it is suitable for you to look for a little black dress with halter tops. This kind of little black dress exposes your beautiful shoulders and creates a more balanced, triangular shape. Another option is accessorizing the top as various embellishments draw attention away from your bottom.


Your Body Type: Apple Shape

What You Can Choose:

For apple shape, a shirred little black dress is your perfect choice. The shirred little black dress can pull in the waistline and create a balanced hourglass figure for you. For a shirred dress, it is fine for you to choose the sleeveless or the long sleeved little black dress.

Your Body Type: Hourglass

What You Can Choose:

If you have a hourglass body shape, you can definitely accentuate your defined waist with a V-neck little black dress. It opens up the chest area and draws the eye downward, making the waist appear even narrower. You can look for built-in darts and panels, which compliment your figure and keep you in place throughout the evening. Long sleeved dresses look more elegant; and sleeveless or one-shoulder dresses are more sexy for you. They are all your good choices for any occasion.