iggy azale style fashion

Iggy Azalea, a new trend-setter, pulls off easy, yet incredibly tasteful outfits

She’s so fancy.
You already know it.
Iggy Azalea hits the world with her incredibly successful for the past time music, but music is not the only reason Iggy is loved for. Take a closer look at her style, it is totally different from what pop-star-rapper-swagger would wear to the red carpet or the stage. It is chic, unusual, and easy to pull off.

“Fashion plays a big, big, big role in my music. The visual is almost 50% of the story,” says Iggy to Revolve Cover Girl.

She loves showing some skin and highlighting her waist, hips and shoulders. Miss Azalea is known for her cropped tops and bralets, paired with colored, striped, flamboyant bottoms with higher waist. Iggy is not into jewelry in general, although she might have a small accessory added to her look.

Her looks are never sloppy or undone; in some ways it is a combination of items you would never think of putting together, but she does it so well that you start rethinking the fashion.

You can copy here style by clicking  here: I want to dress like Iggy!