Author: Sydney G.

Style Alert: Fall and Winter Trends of 2015/16

  Being the fashionistas we are, we constantly keep up with what’s walking down the runway. This year, some of our favorite styles are here to stay – and we get to add a few new trends to the mix. Our go-to sources: Vogue, Elle Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire agree: these are the best of the best for the current fall and upcoming winter seasons. Cozy Up Longline Jackets Longline jackets, in military green and in military style, blazers and trench coats are some of the season’s hottest outerwear. Blazers got an upgrade with a longer...

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Summer Heat to Falling Leaves

Transition your summer wardrobe seamlessly into fall. Layering scarves, jackets, and blazers and incorporating neutral booties and boots with some of your summer staples will keep dust out of your closet between seasons.

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Top 3 Best Accessories For Men And How To Wear Them

Accessories, as every well-groomed male knows, not only display a sense of personal style, but serve as symbols of status, interests, and lifestyle. What you wear is an outward representation not only of how you see yourself, but how you want others to view you as well. We’ve chosen three of the best accessories for men that give an appreciative nod to classic men’s style. If you’re lost on how to incorporate accessories into your style, you’ve found the right guide; and if you’re looking to add some flair to your current wardrobe, look no further. Here are the top three...

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#BeachBody: Finding the Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type

While no one likes the end of the summer season, we always like to find a reason to celebrate: summer sales! And what better time to stock up on swimsuits that you know both flatter your figure and your checking account? So read on and find out the best swimsuit for your body type! (and check out our Pool Party Dress Code guide if you need some more tips!) There are few pieces of clothing that a woman agonizes over more than a bathing suit. As women, we tend to single out parts of our body we wish we could...

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