Rocking high heels at work is no easy task.  If the horror of commuting and running around in heels higher than an inch puts you off from wearing a pair of stylin’ black pumps, then keep on reading. You can pick shoes that are both office-appropriate and night-out ready– and it doesn’t take much to find a great pair. Here’s our guide to picking the most comfortable black pumps for work!

Size matters

Although it sounds obvious, we cannot accentuate this more: do not go for that cute, fancy pair if they feel too small for you. Remember, you may not be the same size for every shoe, every time, either.  Going a half or full size up will give your toes the space to move.

Privileged Pom-pom heels comfortable plack pumpsSofft Miranda Mary Janes comfortable black pumps

Privileged / Sofft Miranda

Go round

While pointy shoes can make that office outfit sharp, there are more comfortable choices for an entire day of office errands. Think of getting a pair of truly comfy black pumps with almond toes. The round shape is the closest thing to the shape of your toes, allowing them to be in a more natural position.

LK Bennett comfortable black pumpsFaith Cadles almond toe comfortable black pumps
LK Bennett Sledge Black Pump / Faith Cadles Black Pumps

Open vs. Closed

The selection of open and closed cap heels in black is insane – but don’t just go for any of these. With open cap pumps, your feet carry the weight of your body, putting a lot of pressure on your sole. If you’re looking for comfortable black pumps to spend your day in without the thought of secretly hiding them under your desk, choose closed cap toes.

L'autre Chose ankle strap comfortable black pumpsGianvitto Rossi cap toe comfortable black pumpsqupid ankle strap comfortable black pumps
L’AUTRE CHOSE / Gianvitto Rossi / Qupid

Embrace the fear of heights

While picking your perfect comfortable black pumps, remember not to go too high – a maximum of two inches is recommended by podiatrists, as it won’t put unnecessary pressure on bones. Still feeling that your favorite pencil skirt would work with something higher? Here’s a trick: get high heels with a thick wedge bottom. Although they are often quite high, they are more sturdy and, notably, there’s less of a difference in surface area between your toes and your heel.

report signature juno thick wedge comfortable black pumpspenny loves kenny katherine wedge heel comfortable black pumpssaint laurent thick wedge comfortable black pumps

Report Signature Juno / Penny Loves Kenny Katherine / Saint Laurent

Get a stable base

Instead of choosing thin heels, consider a more stable option. Thicker heels make it easier to keep your balance (so you won’t be watching your every step while rushing to a meeting/lunch/escape).

Clarks thick heel comfortable black pumpsaldo thick wedge heel comfortable black pumps
Clarks / ALDO

Put your feet up… on a cushion

Often underestimated and forgotten, a simple addition of a cushioning pad can make your high heel tolerance far more impressive. Giving you well-adjusted support instead of placing the balance in random places, shoe inserts can make your pumps the pair of shoes that you never want to take off.

gel cushions for comfortable black pumps

Gel Cushions
Have a pair of comfortable black pumps that you wear to work? Where did you get them? What did you look for? Share your ideas below!