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Put your shades on because fluorescent colors are here, and they are likely to stay. It was Oscar de Lat Renta and other designers who made this trend possible – you can thank them later. These fashion designers discovered how vivid and eloquent a garment in neon color can be. Explore these creative neon outfit ideas and start experimenting!

neon outfit ideas oscar de la renta neon outfit ideas oscar de la renta blue and pink

Neon Outfit Ideas

Find Your Colors

You already know how certain colors look particularly flattering on you (if you don’t, here is the guide: Fashion Color Wheel – Learn the Combos That Really Work), and this is especially true for neon colors. Look at your current wardrobe, what colors dominate your style?

neon outfit ideas pink coat

Water Them Down

Unless you are modeling on a runway for a high fashion show, it’s better to keep your outfit balanced. Add more neutral colors to your neon garment for a tasteful ready-to-wear outfit. If this safe option is not adventurous enough for you, try going all fluorescent – but preferably with one accent color only.

neon outfit ideas a woman in yellow skirt


It’s always a good idea to start with something small, if you have never really worn neon colors before. Bags, shoes, and jewelry are low-risk transitions into this year’s trend, give them a try.

neon outfit ideas yellow bag and neutral outfit

Neon outfit ideas are truly numerous, there are dozens of ways to make these bright shades work for you. All you have to do is to pick the right shade, match it with the rest of your look, and sincerely enjoy yourself.

Here is a piece of fact for you: people spend twice as much time looking at bright colors. If you want to make a loud fashion statement, neon colors are the most obvious way to do it – a neon outfit can immediately put you in the fashion spotlight.

“Neon is one of our signatures and I return to it when I think other colours feel banal,” Christopher Kane.

neon outfit ideas neon-coral-soludos-dali-neon-espadrilles-screen  neon outfit ideas neon-pink-rebecca-minkoff-neon-mab-mini-tote-screen neon outfit ideas neon-lime-lspace-neon-lime-mixer-strap-back-bikini-top-screen

Neon Espadrilles                                          Rebecca Minkoff Bag                         Neon Lime Bikini