We’re sure that many of us could vividly recall the day we flipped our calendars to June with one thing in our mind: the beginning of summertime. Other than the topsy-turvy world of the nine-to-five work on weekdays, your summer calendar is mainly preoccupied with road trips, beach parties, fireworks and movie dates to see the biggest blockbusters everyone’s been raving about for weeks. Trips to the surf and sand are highly anticipated because you can’t wait to flaunt the beach body you’ve been working for so that you can brag to your colleagues about how many compliments you received the following Monday. The joy of summer, if only it could last forever.

And then suddenly, you’re hit by the inevitable reality that is the month of September. Four months away to a brand new year, but nothing else matters besides the fact that fall has finally arrived. We’d like to throw our own suggestion into the ring, check out our guide on How to Wear Joggers for one of the coolest surviving men’s fashion trends!

Adieu to the sweaty, humid weather and hello to the breezy, chilly air. Not only that, leave the board shorts and sunglasses in the deep realms of your closet and then brush off the dust on your favorite overcoat and Chelsea boots. As pumpkin spice surges and the temperature drops, start making the right additions to your wardrobe by following this year’s fall fashion trends for men. Check out our video for a visual recap then read on!

1. Androgynous


Crossdressing used to be strictly for comedic or experimental purposes. Fast forward to 2015, and here we have the world’s top designers making androgynous fashion the “it” thing on the runway. So gentlemen, you’re absolutely welcome to flaunt your floral printed tank top and skin-tight leather pants in the streets!

Blue tropical floral vest topMen T-shirts by Red Herring

2. Corduroy


Once dubbed as “the official fabric for fall” by Esquire, it’s not hard to see why conduroy is always mentioned in the subject of men’s fall fashion trends. The magazine suggests that if you want to achieve the intellectual, hipster look akin to a character straight out of a Wes Anderson film, pair your conduroy suit with desert boots or old-school running shoes.

Corduroy PantsMen Suits by H&M

Corduroy JacketMen Suits by H&M

Rockport Castleton Desert BootsMen Boots by Rockport

3. Military Green


Full Metal Jacket, Black Hawk Down, Top Gun, Apocalypse Now, American Sniper – the list of military films goes on and on. Speaking of which, the military green color they’ve been long associated with has now evolved into a modern fashion trend. Get your Maverick and Goose vibes on, brother.

Reclaimed Vintage Military JacketMen Coats by Reclaimed Vintage

4. Gothic Suit


Forget Edward Cullen, Lestat de Lioncourt approves of the gothic suit fashion trend this fall. Sensual and dark with a brooding bewilderness that makes it so strangely appealing.

Bow tieMen Ties by Roberto Cavalli
Calvin Klein STEEL Black Suit Slim FitMen Formal Suits by Calvin Klein

5. Animal Prints


We are living in a generation where A-listers like Kanye West make leopard prints cool. Pulling this one off can be quite tricky, so you have to go through tiny steps first if you’re going to devote your style to the animal print fall trend. GQ recommends going easy with accessories such as belts then slowly move with footwear, and finally complete the look with the shirts and pants. Now you’ve got a reason for the ladies to hear your roar.

Leather beltMen Belts by JUST cavalli

Contrast animal-print shirtMen Formal Shirts by Versus

Any more style tips or on your favorite fashion trends this fall / winter season? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @picVpic.