Before we get into cute ways to wear a scarf, let’s go over why to wear a scarf first! When it comes to fall, winter…spring and summer fashion, don’t overlook the scarf! Don’t be afraid of scarves, they aren’t only for cold and breezy weather. The most important tip here is when to wear it, and the answer is always. There are cute scarves made from every material you can imagine, and plenty of light and breathable scarves that will keep you comfortable in warm spring weather and add a huge splash of color and personality to your entire outfit. If you are wearing a monochrome or two-color outfit, adding a color or printed scarf can turn drab into fab in a moment!

But most simply, scarves are must-have items and one of the simplest ways to up an outfit. Simple yet sophisticated, they will wrap you in fashion-forward comfort. Scarves are also one of the most versatile accessories you can wear. Did you know that there are dozens of ways to do that? Seriously! We know you don’t have all day, much less all season: there are sophisticated and cute ways to wear a scarf, and so many different styles!

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Cute Ways To Wear A Scarf


Tying the Knot

You don’t need to forget about cute ways to wear a scarf if you are an absolute beginner! If you’ve ever just thrown your scarf on, given it a wrap or two and ran out the door, you may want to delve deeper on how to tie a scarf around your neck. Or better yet, you may want to perfect the art of scarf-tying. Tie a neat knot on one end of the scarf and then slip the other end through the knot so that both sides are even. Practice with a silky pashmina scarf.

cute ways to wear a scarf tie a knot
cute ways to wear a scarf

Lotus Pink diamond weave wrap

Beautiful Bow

cute ways to wear a scarf - bow scarf

Maybe you’re not ready to tie the knot just yet and need a little more time to consider your options. Have you tried tying your scarf into a bow?  The bow is an elegant, ultra-feminine look that will bring some high fashion attitude to your wardrobe. Try it with a knitted scarf for runway-ready warmth. And remember that in trying to decide how to don a scarf, it’s not just the colors or pattern or even tie, it’s how you incorporate it into your outfit! The difference between hiding the bottom half of a scarf underneath a jacket or coat, putting it outside, or hiding all but the neckline is huge and is definitely central in styling scarves. If there is a pattern you want to show off, make sure you do just that. This option is pure cute, so try to dress a bit more sophisticated to compensate. When considering one of the most cute ways to wear a scarf, you have to have some balance or you might look underage!


All About The Braid

cute ways to wear a scarf - by spark chemistry

If you haven’t braided your hair since you were a child, it’s time to reignite this look scarf-style! If you’ve never been the best at braiding, don’t worry. You can follow Spark And Chemistry’s easy guide (learning cute ways to wear a scarf is often down to imitating others and making it your own!) and master this style to attain chic results that can be shown off season to season. Get out your favorite designer scarf and braid away!

cute ways to wear a scarf - tie a bow

Designer neon pink spotted scarf

Get Fancy

Wearing a scarf often requires confidence, and if you know different ways to wear a scarf, here’s a tip for you! Now it’s time for you to get fancy with your scarf style. Etsy boutique Northern Cottage breaks down the steps involved in creating a more elaborate knot and suggests to first loop the scarf around the neck. Next, pull only one strand of the scarf through the loop. Then, twist the loop and pull the other strand through. Grab your best cashmere scarf, follow these simple steps and voila! While not one of the most cute ways to wear a scarf, it can be absolutely elegant!

cute ways to wear a scarf - cashmere scarves
Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere Wrap

Staying In The Loop

If you simply can’t be bothered with learning how to tie a scarf and don’t want to freeze your neck off, you have another option. Try a loop or infinity scarf to cut to the chase and forgo the hassle of the scarf-tying experience. This type of scarf goes in a continuous loop, creating a cute look that won’t leave you (or your scarf) hanging! One of the most cute ways to wear a scarf, that is also the most simple.

cute ways to wear a scarf - loop scarf
Pieces Lavaldo Leopard Infinity scarf

cute ways to wear a scarf - loop scarf
Checked Mates Infinity Scarf

Scarves may seem like such simple accessories, but figuring out the most cute ways to wear a scarf can be hard. There are no set rules when it comes to wearing scarves, but it’s easy to go wrong when tying and styling them. Try to mix and match patterns with your scarf/hair/clothing. Avoiding the same patterns is definitely key unless you are going for a very specific look! You don’t need to bust out any elaborate magic tricks or tire out your fingers in the process, but it’s important to keep your scarf looking neat. After reading up on our guide, you should be able to not only wear one, but rock one!

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