Wearing sweaters as dress is not a novelty for fashion-conscious women, they picked up the trend a long time ago. Oversized or tight-fitting, comfy casual or dressy, warm or lightweight, sweater dresses come in all kinds of designs and styles. So many items can be the answer of what to wear with a sweater dress, so read on and be inspired!

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Mara Hoffman Landscape Sweater Dress


What to Wear with a Sweater Dress

Easy Outfit: an obvious way of wearing a sweater dress is to pair it with leggings. If your sweater dress is plain in color and has no embellishments, allow yourself shiny leather leggings or bright prints. The top and the bottom should balance each other out. Loose, oversized sweater dresses work best with tight leggings. As always make sure that colors are balanced as well, not just styles.

What to Wear with a Sweater Dress - Blue                                  What To Wear With a Sweater Dress - Leggings

Maje Maje Ombre Sweater Dress                                                            Sanctuary Zip Joggers


Length: there is no such a thing as a wrong length for a sweater dress. Long sweater dresses have the bohemian chic, knee-length sweater dresses are good everyday pieces, and short sweater dresses are great replacements of your flirty summer day dresses. Pair a short sweater dress with a pair of ankle booties for an attention-catching look.

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Vince Camuto Color Block Sweater Dress                                  NYDJ Adalyn Ombre Sweater Dress


Shoes: practically anything will work: ankle booties, knee-length boots, sneakers, heels, as long as they match the overall style of your outfit. Make sure to play with the lengths, but remember there are no concrete rules. Feel free to go for knee high boots with a short sweater dress!


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Vince Dempsey Knee High Boots                                                 Converse Chuck Taylors

Tights: frankly speaking, a sweater dress is not really a dress. If it is short, avoid matching it with tights, and rather wear leggings or skinny jeans.


What to Wear with A Sweater Dress - Tights

Claire Barrow Exposed Seams

Knee-socks: if your sweater dress is long enough to pass for a dress consider wearing knee-socks instead of regular tights.

What To Wear With a Sweater Dress - Socks

Falke Over the Knee Socks

Those are the 4 essential tips for wearing a sweater dress in style. Have any more advice out there on what to wear with a sweater dress? Reach out to us @picvpic!