When you want to make a statement without putting too much effort into it, wear a cute red dress, it speaks for itself and needs little additional detailing. Cute red dresses in classic styles can be worn over and over, all year around (see the tips on how to shop your own summer closet in winter.) Similar to LBD, a red dress becomes a truly indispensable garment that easily stands the test of time.

Pick the Right Shade

If you had a bad experience with a red dress, you must have picked the wrong shade. In fact, no matter what your skin tone is, there is a flattering shade of red for you.

Women with fair skin look especially good in cold shades of red, whereas warm shades work best on darker skin. If you are unsure about the temperature of the color, refer to this article.

Accessorize Wisely

A red dress exempts you from the need to accessorize heavily. A modest, unobtrusive necklace or a bracelet is enough. Don’t worry if you have no red jewelry, it is  not necessary at all.  Black, silver, gold are sure-fire options, and probably you already have some. Your dress is the focal point of the outfit and accessories should complement, not overshadow it.

Black Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

Same goes for shoes. Cute red dresses look best when paired with simple elegant pumps.


Wearing red dresses can be tricky at times, too much makeup can create a wanton feel. Keep everything balanced and tasteful. Need help? Read the article The Best Ways to Do Your Makeup for a Red Dress or watch the video tutorial by Marlena, and start practicing.



Flaunt It

Red dresses might not require heavy accessorizing, but they certainly require a special attitude. You are making the Red Dress Effect, so wear your dress  with confidence and pride.