Ties are essential accessories for any man. A tie pulls your whole outfit together and adds individuality to your whole look. Also, ties are the only item in a formal suit that you can go crazy with, trying different prints and colors to add fun to a monochromatic outfit.

How to Match a Tie:

Solid-on-Solid. It’s the easiest and most fool-proof way to match ties and shirts.
Stick to 2 rules:

  • Use contrasting color combinations.


  •  Use analogous color combinations.


Solid-on-Pattern / Pattern-on-Solid. Make sure the colors of your shirt and tie belong to one family, otherwise you risk looking undone. Match the color of your shirt with one of the colors on your printed tie, and vice versa.


Pattern-on-Pattern. This is the most difficult to get right, but it is not rocket science. With a little bit of practice you can become quite an expert.
Simply follow these rules:


  • Vary pattern type: striped tie on a striped shirt will not do, for example. The same applies to all other patterns out there: avoid duplicating them in your outfit.
  • Vary pattern size/scale: if you followed our previous advice and picked two different patterns for a shirt and a tie, but the outfits still looks undone, try to vary patterns by size. The tie’s pattern should be brighter and bigger than the one on your shirt,  as the fashion world dictates.

Casual Shirts

Formal Shirts

  • Determine the dominant color of your patterned shirt, match it with a patterned tie.

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